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All By SAYes Team , Jan 25, 2016

Background: iwasshot Foundation

Our Foundation is a non-profit, non-government organisation aimed at strengthening the potential of individual lives – educating, recognising and caring for young people who strive for a better future.

The Foundation operates in close collaboration with Homes that provides a safe environment for these young people.

We make use of existing infrastructure as far as possible and build upon them.

The programs are implemented by Bernard Viljoen, registered architect and professional photographer, and other mentors through direct contact with the children.

iwasshot Foundation initiates community-based projects that focus on the personal development and enrichment of young people who might not otherwise have the opportunity to explore their creativity.

Our focus lies within the inner cities where young people can be exposed to very challenging aspects of humanity and society.

The iwasshot Foundation works within communities affected by poverty and unemployment, and highlights the vibrancy, paradoxes, multiplicity and talents of young people who should be at play.


iwasshot in Joburg started off as a community project in June 2009. In 2010 we restructured into 2 entities with the assistance of the Legal Resources Centre in Johannesburg as follow:

  1. iwasshot Foundation – an NPO responsible for all training and programs.
  2. iwasshot CC – a for profit company which retails products on behalf of the students who took part in training programs. Students receive 10% royalties on retail price of products containing their image.

iwasshot in Joburg has been running since 2010 and we have a full time space which doubles up as production/retail at the art hub – Arts on Main in the Maboneng District. We also have a pop-up store in the Rosebank Mall.

Introducing iwasshot in Cape Town

After the success of iwasshot in Joburg we decided to bring the brand and training programs to Cape Town.

We live in an era which is image based – communication is happening through imagery.

We are bombarded with images on social media on a constant basis. Image has in a way become a new language. Magazines and newspapers used to be filled with writing and some images to support the text. Now images are the main focus and they are supported in some cases with just a tagline.   In other words – if you would like to add your five cents worth you need to know how to take a great image. A meaningful image. An expressive image. Simply put, you need to know how to take an image that tells a story.

How it will work:

First off we will run a range of workshops in collaboration with SAYes.

In the first round we are opening it up to anyone with an interest in photography and entrepreneurship, wanting to see the world they live in a new way, in a different way.

We will go through 4 rounds – roughly halving the group till we get to 10 students.

Every round there will be mentors to guide you to find meaningful images.

You will be judged based on the images you take. We use disposable cameras. You get one camera per session which can take 27 images. Use those sparingly and make sure you take images that will get you to the next round.

Once in the final round you will be part of a weeklong shoot-camp, the first week of the June school holidays. This will be 5 days shooting with different mentors. The idea is to give you the opportunity to take great images. All images selected will be featured in the exhibition opening early September. They will be promoted online and in-store and 10% of sales of all products containing the final group’s images will go to the group of photographers as royalties.

In July and August we will have workshops on product development and production. Learning how to make interesting things that people want to buy.

From the final group of 10 there will also be a number of items available over a two year period

  • An iphone
  • Photo booth to make an income from
  • Chance to be a shop assistant in a Cape Town store
  • 1 year paid internship at iwasshot in Joburg
  • Full time photography course for 1 student


  • Anyone with an interest in photography, creativity, entrepreneurship with a willingness to learn.
  • Current or previous SAYes mentee


The program will carry on over a 2 year period for the final group which will consist of 10 students. Below is the program for the first stage.

From there on the final group will meet once a month for a master class:


12 March             Open Day

23 March             Entries Close

5 April                   Candidates announced for round 1

Round 1

9 April                    Saturday, 14:00 – 15:00 Marsh Memorial Hall

10 April                 Sunday, Shooting – round 1 – CT city Bowl

Round 2

7 May                      Saturday, 14:00 – 15:00 Marsh Memorial Hall

8 May                     Sunday, Shooting – round 2 – CT city Bowl

Round 3

12 June                  Saturday, 14:00 – 15:00 Marsh Memorial Hall

13 June                  Sunday, Shooting – round 3 – CT city Bowl

24 June                  School Closes

Round 4

25 – 30 June        ShootCamp – final group, 10 candidates

July 23/24            Master Class

Aug 20/21             Master Class

4th Sept                Exhibition/shop opening

Oct                           Master Class

Nov                           Master Class

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