Cherry and Her Mentee Work on Her Individual Transition Plan

Last week my mentee and I finally sat down and worked on her Individual Transition Plan (ITP) -

All By Cherry , May 09, 2016

Last week my mentee and I finally sat down and worked on her Individual Transition Plan (ITP), which tracks four stages in ten transition domains that SAYes then uses to measure the success of its Transition to Independent Living programme.

We’ve been a bit slack on writing things down, so it was a great opportunity to get going with the first two stages of the ITP: getting the context and the strengths. Working on the ITP was actually pretty painless because we’re both very clear on where she stands in each of the ten areas. However, it was still nice to hear her tell me where she’s at in her own words.

Also, I just have to mention how great it was to physically see my mentee! We didn’t get to meet over the previous two weeks as I was away one week, and our scheduled time during the other week was during that first winter storm in Cape Town (I think you’ll all remember that Friday rain which put the city in a gridlock). So, yeah, I missed her!

This past Saturday my mentee and I also attended the second Self‑Evaluation and Development workshop. It focused on the third stage of the ITP: getting the plan. This meant looking constructively at what she can achieve over the next three months. All of the mentor/mentee matches had a chance to share their progress. We also had the opportunity to actually work on setting visions, objectives and action steps to achieve specific goals in a couple of the domains and make sure we’re on the right track. As I was leaving Marsh Memorial after the workshop ended, I heard one of the mentors say that this was the best workshop yet. I couldn’t agree more.

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