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The Cape Town Cycle Tours 2015 -

All By Keith Shone , Mar 23, 2016

The Cape Town Cycle Tours 2015

Blue sky and bright sunshine bathed Cape Town in early autumn warmth and welcomed tens of thousands of all ages to the Cape Town Cycle Tour on the weekend of 7/8 March. The view from the Cape Town webcam at 8am on Saturday morning showed a sunlit Table Mountain.

This year’s event was the 38th year of the world’s largest timed cycling event.

Saturday – Cape Town Cycle Tour Juniors

The SA-YES Transition to Independent Living (TIL) project on GivenGain had been busy with donations to SA‑YES as early as October 2014. On 24 February 2015 GivenGain reported the Xenopoulos triplets were in the top ten activists that week.

The Xenopoulos triplets, Gidon, Samuel and Tallulah were not the only children riding and supporting SA‑YES in the Junior Cycle Tour on Saturday. Other children riding and supporting SA‑YES included:

  • Jake, Ella and Samuel Videtzky (children of Joanne Videtzky)
  • Joseph and Zak (Jeanne Freed)
  • Leila and Kiera Edelstein (Sascha Edelstein)
  • Mark Anthony Busch
  • Matthew and Alexandra Barratt (Amanda Barratt)
  • Zac and Daniel (Lara Waters)

These youngsters have raised more than R36,000 for SA‑YES. A big thank you to all of them for supporting SA‑YES and to their many generous sponsors.

Sunday – Cape Town Cycle Tour

It was another beautiful morning in Cape Town.

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