Run To The Beat, London, 14 September 2014

Nikki holding her medal -

All By Keith Shone , Mar 22, 2016

This year’s Run To The Beat (RTTB) event was held at Wembley Park about 21 kilometres northeast of London’s Heathrow Airport. The course of 10 km was undulating, starting and finishing near Wembley’s Football Stadium.

The day was pleasantly warm with intervals of sunshine and a refreshing breeze and reported to be good for running. Running for SA-YES was Nikki Gandy who had travelled from Edinburgh for the event. Here’s Nikki displaying her medal after finishing the run

In addition to wearing SA-YES wristbands Nikki also had a fingernail painted in SA-YES’ colours seen here in a close-up of her medal

Nikki’s medal close-up with SA-YES-coloured fingernail

Nikki, Andy and Julie Baron and I were joined by two more supporters of SA-YES. First Catherine Verney, seen here in the centre talking with Julie on the left and Nikki on the right

Then through the throng of finishers Kirsty Herrington found us, seen here on the right displaying her medal with Nikki

With all of us in need of food and drink we made our way across the park to the London Designer Outlet, a complex of 50 shops, 20 restaurants, cinemas and coffee shops. There were queues for several restaurants and the toss of a one pound coin by Nikki led us to another restaurant with a queue.

After a few more false starts we descended upon Pizza Express which didn’t have a queue and seating near a window.

During and after our lunch we were able to learn a little more about our various activities, in and out of work.

After leaving Pizza Express there was the lure of the many shops and we left Nikki in search of footwear for more running. While Kirsty and Catherine went to catch trains home, Julie, Andy and I went for a Costa Coffee to discuss the day and future events in aid of SA-YES.

Relaxing after her run Nikki said “There’s nothing quite like signing up for a personal challenge and having the weight of a great cause behind you. This is my second run for SA-YES, after completing the LA Marathon in March 2014, and these experiences will stay with me forever.

“I’ve met some great people, travelled to amazing places and raised some much-needed funds and awareness for SA-YES. I’d definitely encourage everyone to set themselves a charity challenge in 2015, no matter how big or small.”

A warm and generous thank you to Nikki Gandy for her long journey south to run in support of SA-YES. Thanks to Catherine and Kirsty for joining us for entertaining conversation, laughter and lunch. Thank you to Julie for the behind-the-scenes work on event management and to Andy for our conversations on matters IT and the world. Finally a special thank you to Michelle Potter and Gillian Anderson without whom SA-YES would not exist and the many friendships that it has fostered.

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