Cherry’s Anxiety About Lack of Progress Turns to Laughter

There are plenty of times during the year when the mentoring relationship is used as a tool - Cherry

Cherry and Her Mentee Learn More About Money

SAYes finance workshops run by Mike Purvis - Cherry

Cherry and Her Mentee Attend a SAYes Finance Workshop

SAYes finance workshop that was specifically aimed at young people who are about to leave the group home environment or who are already living independently. - Cherry

Cherry and Her Mentee Attend the Second KTO

Despite the unseasonably warm weather that drew most Capetonians to the beach that day, the workshop was well attended by matched mentors and mentees. - Cherry

Cherry and the Two Worlds of Her Mentee

Seventeen is not an easy age for anyone. - Cherry

Cherry’s Mentee: School Holidays, Setting Goals and Singing

We are right in the middle of school holidays at the moment so getting together with my mentee has been tricky. - Cherry

Cherry’s Mentee Attends Her First KTO Workshop

These two‑hour workshops happen once a month and are attended by the matched mentees and mentors. - Cherry

After SAYes Mentor Training – what’s next?

I was sent an email congratulating me on a successful match with a young woman. - Cherry

Introducing a SAYes Mentor for 2016

My name is Cherry, and I’m taking over the SAYes blog for the year - Cherry