Cherry and Her Mentee Discuss Forthcoming Exams and Plan Study Time

Getting together with my mentee during the school holidays can be challenging. Without having that regular structure during the rest of the week, it can be difficult to find a focus point during our meetings. - Cherry

Winter Weather and Traffic Disrupt Meetings between Cherry and Her Mentee

We’re halfway through the year now. We’ve had our shortest day and can look forward to longer ones as Cape Town starts to show its coldest side. - Cherry

Cherry Considers the Emotional Challenges for Mentees During School Holidays

It came as a surprise when I learned that the mentees are often still in touch with their families, sometimes staying with them when their schools break for holidays - Cherry

Cherry Ponders Mentor‑Mentee Interactions, and the Age Gap

To act as a mentor in a structured setting where you’re supported and encouraged is quite an amazing experience. - Cherry

Cherry and Her Mentee Attend the Third SAYes KTO Workshop – Sport & Recreation

This past weekend, my mentee and I attended the third SAYes Key Transition Outcome (KTO) workshop which focused on the domain, Sport & Recreation. - Cherry

Cherry and Her Mentee’s ITP and the Domain of Work & Money

The strengths are the abilities, interests, passions and goals. The plans that are formed from these goals must be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Realistic and Time‑bound (SMARRT) - Cherry

SAYes Transition to Independent Living (TIL) – Outcomes 2015

2015 was a year of consolidation for SAYes: we formalised our programme content, revised our systems for scale and impact, and worked closely with each of our partners to fully understand the need. - SAYes Team

Cherry’s Love of Gymnastics, and Her Mentee Enjoys a Surprise

I was ecstatic. I loved gymnastics, and I practised on my mat and foam balance beam at home every day that I wasn’t training in a class. - Cherry

Cherry’s Observations of Her Mentee’s Children’s Home

I wanted to write about something a little different this week, something that I probably never would have engaged with if I hadn’t become involved with SAYes - Cherry

Cherry Attends the Inaugural SAYes Networking ‘Mixer’

SAYes held its first networking ‘mixer’. I found it to be such a worthwhile event and I know I wasn’t alone - Cherry