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All , Jun 03, 2020

Through one-on-one mentoring relationships, SAYes supports mentor and mentee matches in vetting and exploring interests and opportunities. In 2019, a corporate partnership with VMLY&R provided the support of three of the local Cape Town VMLY&R team as mentors, and also offered the opportunity for a couple of mentees living in care, to experience the world of a brand and customer experience agency through job shadowing experiences. We are excited to bring you a guest blog post from a 2019 SAYes mentee who continues to express an interest in writing and journalism. L.  worked with her mentor Caroline to prepare for, interview, and develop the article below sharing about the two mentees experiences job shadowing at VMLY&R.


Experiencing Job Shadowing!

How does the outside world work? How do I know what I have to do and what to expect from a job? That is where job shadowing comes in. Not all young people in South Africa get the opportunity to experience job shadowing, but it can play a very important role in helping young people find out what it feels like to have a job in their field of interest, or to simply experience what it is like to be in an office for six hours. Other reasons why job shadowing is important is to start building experience and a network.

VMLY&R is a digital marketing and advertising company for consumer products. Working at VMLY&R entails a lot of writing, creativity and designing. Imagine job shadowing for such a big company. Two SAYes mentees whom I recently interviewed had the opportunity to  do so, and they each had different opinions.

“I was very excited to start the first day and getting to meet new people was very interesting”, said S., one of the youngest mentees who was chosen to do the VMLY&R job shadowing for two days. During his time job shadowing, he got to do research on graphic novels, which are a personal interest of his. For S., it was exciting to learn about work opportunities where he can apply things he is passionate about.

I also had the opportunity to interview R., another mentee who job shadowed at VMLY&R. R. has a lot of knowledge about computer programing. She was able to learn how she can apply that to a career at a digital agency. During her time job shadowing, R. also had the opportunity to interview workers about their jobs and positions.

In terms of what she learned about job shadowing, R. said, “Whenever you go to different workplaces, there is always a different atmosphere. Being able to experience that is important.”

S. and R. are mentees of SAYes Mentoring, which helps young people in their transition to adulthood, including exploring what they want to do professionally. Young people get paired with a mentor and meet up once a week. It is an exciting challenge for mentees as well as for mentors. S. and R. shared that the relationship that they share with their mentors is extremely motivational and inspiring.

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