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Meet <br>Destino

For one year, back in 2012, Destino was a mentee in the SAYes mentoring programme. Now he's in his fourth and final year of studying Philosophy, Politics and Economics and is also a SAYes intern. He still meets with his mentor from 2012 nearly every week.


Meet <br/> TSOTANG

Following two years of mentorship through SAYes, Tsotang is now in his first year at Northlink College. He's studying a three-year security course and hopes to become a police officer. He continues to meet with his former mentor. The two can often be found hiking around Cape Town and talking about the future.


Meet <br/>Zizipho

As a two-year mentee in the SAYes TIL programme, Zizipho was able to explore her passion for acting and dancing and focus on goals that would enable her to reach her dreams. After completing her matric, she received a bursary to attend the Magnet Theatre where she currently studies drama. While she stays in contact with her former mentor, Zizipho has also moved into a new role – she's now the mother of a gorgeous one-year-old boy.