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Meet the New SAYes Blog: Mentorship Musings

Stories and insights on youth and mentoring from SAYes.

Mentors By SAYes Team, Jun 15, 2018

It’s Youth Month in South Africa.  A time to honour the power of young people standing up for themselves and for their future. There is no better time to introduce the new SAYes Mentoring blog: Mentorship Musings. Watch this space for stories of courage, growth, perseverance and, of course, mentoring, all from the SAYes programme. We will also share helpful tips, anecdotes and expert insights for those of you participating in the programme or for anyone who is simply interested in young people, social change and personal development.

More than anything, we hope Mentorship Musings will be a platform for the incredible stories of the people of SAYes. Our young mentees make the brave choice to show up for themselves, day after day. Our dedicated mentors strive for continuous personal growth while selflessly guiding others on that path. Our staff make the programme possible through passion, commitment and hard work. Our broader network of friends, champions and donors carry us with unwavering encouragement and support.

This incredible community of humans from all walks of life is what SAYes is all about. We believe that by telling their stories we can provide a deeper view into the impact of mentoring, and on the importance of proactively fostering the empowerment of young people, in our collective journey to create a more equal world.

We hope you will find the information beneficial and the stories inspiring.

More to come very soon!

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