Nike Partner Programme

Thank you for your interest in a Mentorship opportunity offered by  SAYes Mentoring in partnership with Nike.

E-Mentoring for young Change-makers

We are offering fully sponsored slots on a nine-month, one-to-one, e-mentoring programme, for young people aged 18 – 24. This offer includes;


      • • Mentoring and Transition Planning course

      • • Matching sessions with Nike mentors

      • • 36 weeks of one-to-one e-mentoring

      • • Expert guidance from a transition specialist team

      • • Science-based protocols for positive change

      • • Monthly domain focused classes

      • • Device and data*


*Please note that this is not an employment opportunity in so far as no employment contract will be entered into with SAYes or Nike.

What is the impact of mentoring?

This opportunity is designed to position you as authentically proactive for life – whether at work, at home, on the field or in your community – SAYes mentees get up, get moving and get after potential everywhere it can be found.

  • • You will work with a professionally-trained mentor from the NIKE team – mastering your own transition plan and actively developing yourself.
  • • You will learn to improve the quality of your decision-making as well as the consistency of healthy practices in all areas of your life.
  • • You will learn to raise your consciousness, explore more options and improve your focus
  • • You will increase your community impact

Dates to apply

2024 applications opening soon.

Eligibility for this year’s programme

Minimum criteria*

  • • Aged between 18 and 24 years old
  • • Committed to 36 weeks of weekly mentorship
  • • Committed to your own personal growth
  • • Committed to social change

Shortlisted candidates will be invited to an online interview with the SAYes Transition Team.

Provisionally accepted candidates will then be invited to attend a Mentoring and Transition Planning Course.

Successful candidates will be notified and contracting with a mentor will commence thereafter, at an agreed date.

*Note. If you are not eligible or selected for this programme SAYes Mentoring does offer other mentorship programmes for which you may be eligible – please contact to enquire as to other programmes.

Who are we looking for?

For this partnership programme we are looking for movers, shakers, change-makers. Young people who are energetic and proactive with the courage to grow and a love for inspiring and uplifting others;

Positive & Impactful – Are you a role model with the disposition to work positively and honestly with people?

Enthusiastic & Default Active – Do you enjoy and see the value of being active and proactive in everything you and others do?

Supportive & Competitive – Are  you encouraging, supportive and empowering of others while understanding the value of movement for both fun, enjoyment and development, as well as for competition and achievement?

Trusting & Authentic – Are you a great relationship builder who generates trust, respect and openness and has a high degree of honesty and integrity?

Goal & Process orientated – Do you show competence and the desire to continuously improve your knowledge and skills through ongoing professional and personal development?

Observant & Thoughtful – Do you understand your moral and civic responsibilities to yourself and to others?

Future Leaders of Social Change – are you a clear, confident, brave and effective communicator with a deep vision for social change?

How does selection work?

We encourage applications from young people who have demonstrated a commitment to their own future as well as to that of their community.

This means you get moving – physically and mentally – that you engage with your local community, whether as part of an organisation or sports team or on your own. For example;

  • • Are you involved in community groups?
  • • Do you help others get active?
  • • Maybe you help a neighbour get to school, or get something to eat, or stay on the team?
  • • Do you have great hopes for your future, and great practices in place to get you there?
  • • Do you have great ideas for effective social change in your neighbourhood, and take action to get others involved?
  • • Have you shown determination and perseverance to get to where you are now?

We know that mentors are exponential in empowering young people to reach their potential. We also know that you may not be there, yet. That’s why we want to link you to a great mentor.

We are fully committed to ensuring all applicants are given fair and equitable consideration. We are also committed to ensuring that right now, this opportunity is the best fit for you, and for us.

We especially encourage applications from young women, from people of minority and/or disadvantaged groups, including refugees and asylum seekers, people with disabilities, people of colour, and people from the LGBTQI+ communities.

To apply please complete an online application form.
Please email: to request an application link, with Nike Partnership Programme in the subject header.