“We are in the business of helping people make sound decisions. SAYes is doing just that for the next generation.” 

– Netto Invest

Business partners see value in supporting young people who are being mentored


Partnering with SAYes is a great opportunity to improve social impact at your workplace by supporting young people who are being mentored. Mentors inspire the next generation to develop the skills, knowledge and experience necessary for an effective and socially conscious workplace. You can help them by providing job-shadowing, internships, and work opportunities for their mentees. In addition if you want to sponsor products or services, we direct them to mentor-mentee matches who we know really need them. You could also get your team involved as SAYes mentors. Mentoring is a great way to energise leadership and creativity, while also meeting Corporate Social Investment (CSI) requirements. Please see the FAQ below to learn more.

Apply now to partner with SAYes

Our partners range from large corporates through to small family-run businesses. The one thing they have in common is a commitment to taking ethical responsibility for the world we want to live in. That is they care about social change in South Africa, and they realize the tremendous role of business in creating effective change.

Business partners provide job-shadowing, internships, and work opportunities for mentees in the SAYes programmes. In addition many of our business partners sponsor goods and services. Ultimately you define the terms of your support while we ensure the beneficiaries value the opportunity given.

Engagement with SAYes business partners occurs in the context of mentorship. This ensures that mentees are motivated to pursue a particular opportunity and that they are held accountable to the commitment they make. SAYes mentors work with their mentees to identify areas of interest and strength, and to set appropriate goals in relation to these. They then approach SAYes to arrange access to a suitable business partner.

SAYes mentees vary in terms of their current skills' level. Some SAYes mentees are studying at postgraduate level at tertiary institutions while others have learning disabilities and/or are developmentally delayed. We also work with a wide age range (14 to 25 years), so different opportunities are appropriate depending on the age of the mentee. SAYes programme support specialists work with the mentor and partner to ensure the right fit.