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SAYes’ COVID-19 Response

All , Jun 04, 2020

SAYes’ COVID-19 Response


SAYes remains committed to mentoring under-served young people during Covid-19. We have transitioned to remote mentoring to support our beneficiaries and we are connecting with NGO partners to provide them with additional necessary resources. Mentor and mentee training and weekly mentoring sessions are taking place via video phone. We remain committed to our objectives: improvements in the independence and well-being of our beneficiaries.

We are now accepting mentor applications from anywhere in the world, and we are supporting beneficiaries throughout South Africa; the switch to remote working has enabled us to extend our reach beyond Cape Town.

If you are interested in mentoring you can contact us, and for further details of our programme please visit our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter Pages.

We are incredibly grateful to our donors for supporting us during this time, and to the Nike Foundation and the King Baudouin Foundation for Covid-19 Response Funds.


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