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, Oct 11, 2023


Amina is an Ambassador for SAYes.

Originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo and raised in South Africa, Amina is a professionally trained dancer, property manager and model.

Her journey with SAYes began in 2011, and she takes great pride in being a part of the SAYes Alumni. In her role as a SAYes ambassador, Amina wishes to empower the youth that are both in and out of care whilst encouraging others to contribute to SAYes by becoming mentors, sponsors, or partners.

As a model, her aim is to inspire young refugees by demonstrating that regardless of their backgrounds, they all possess the potential for greatness. She wants them to see that they have endless opportunities for success.

Mentorship has played a crucial role Amina’s life, guiding her through challenges and helping in her personal and professional growth. She has witnessed first-hand the positive impact of mentorship, which drives her commitment to continue supporting SAYes. She firmly believes that mentorship can unlock the untapped potential in young minds, guiding mentees on their own paths to success.

Amina’s personal experiences as a refugee have significantly influenced her dedication to driving positive social change. She has experience working in childcare and as a result, her goal is to establish her own childcare agency, one that not only provides opportunities for young refugees but also empowers them through training and education. She wants to create opportunities that allow them to build meaningful careers in South Africa.

She believes that her life stands as a testament to resilience, compassion, and an unwavering commitment to making the world a slightly better place by demonstrating that young people in care and refugees too can achieve greatness.

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