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, Aug 05, 2023


Bertin is SA Mentee Liaison with SAYes.

He has been part of SAYes since 2015,  first as a mentee and then as an Alumni. In 2018/19 he was elected as a Vice-Chair of the Alumni and then in 2020, as Chairperson. Along with colleague Zizipho, they work to maintain links with former and current mentees, creating a network of support through regular meetings and connecting.

In 2021, as an Alumni member, he felt honoured to represent SAYes in the South African Parliament. Here, he helped with the amendment of the Children’s Act. 

Bertin has worked in hospitality and other roles whilst continuing to pursue more study options. He also enjoys pursuing entrepreneurial opportunities, with the sole aim of empowering fellow youth. 

He enjoys the competitiveness and inclusivity of sports; taking part in change-making opportunities; and learning new languages. 

Most importantly, he enjoys the challenge of breaking down barriers that affect young people in modern day society.  

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