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, Aug 29, 2020


UK Programmes Lead, Carly Cowling joined SAYes in 2017 as a Transition Specialist, having first volunteered for the organisation as a mentor when moving to Cape Town in 2010.

Carly has a BSc Psychology degree and 14 years’ experience in customer service management. She has worked with different clients and teams within the hospitality, luxury retail, health and fitness, and non-profit sectors. Carly is passionate about developing and supporting people and programmes, and has previously managed the Harrods Sales Academy for Graduates, and co-created the UK’s first retail sales degree; Harrods BA (Hons) degree in Sales, which is accredited by Anglia Ruskin University.

Carly has a research interest in relational mindfulness, with publications specifically in mindful parenting. She maintains an active research collaboration with colleagues at the University of Derby in the UK.

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