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, Nov 14, 2023


Carly is an Ambassador for SAYes.

Carly is a volunteer, youth activist and community worker from Cape Town. She has been a part of SAYes for eight years. Starting as a mentee, she now proudly forms part of the Alumni. She is delighted to now be a SAYes Ambassador.

Being both a participant and a volunteer, resulted in her always wanting to be more involved in work that SAYes does. So when the opportunity arose to represent SAYes in Parliament, she grabbed the opportunity and rose to the challenge. She feels that it is inherent in her to help create social change. This drive from within has led Carly to dedicate her life to helping young people develop some sort of security – as well as inspiring them to not limit themselves.

Carly has learned many things from being a part of SAYes. She is looking forward to the future where she can incorporate what she has learned from the programme into her own non-profit organisation.

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