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, Nov 14, 2023


Dimakastso is an Ambassador for SAYes.

Dimakasto is a proud mum of two; wife;  judoka and devoted judo coach; psychology student; and a passionate advocate for peace through sports and involvement in the community. For the past six years, she has been absorbed in the world of judo, both as a practitioner and instructor. Through judo, she has had the honour of teaching judo to visually-impaired pre-school children but also to loves to teach people of all ages, genders and many from disadvantaged backgrounds. Throughout these lessons, she instils not only martial art skills but also the principles of respect; honesty; discipline; modesty; and solidarity (as is in the Judo Moral Code). As a writer for Judo for Peace (JFP), she contributes to newsletters, attends fundraising meetings and campaigns; manage social media content; and arranges JFP events aimed at encouraging peace and mutual respect via judo. 

Dimakasto is also studying for a degree in Psychology. She is interested in researching the psychological characteristics of people in general, as well as those in sport. The result being – how this psychology may be used to enhance mental well-being and dispute resolution – both of which are important in her work with Judo For Peace. 

As a Victim Support Officer, she is currently active in the Community Policing Forum, collaborating with law enforcement to improve safety and community cohesiveness. Volunteering with a Neighbours Organisation, enables her to contribute to developing a supportive and inclusive community. 

Fluent in Sesotho, IsiNdebele, English, and an Intermediate in Italian, Dimakasto takes great pleasure in breaking down language barriers and building connections amongst different sections of the community. 

While she is passionate about her many professions, her family is the driving force. She treasures every moment she spends with her two children and hopes to instil in them a sense of empathy, compassion, and social responsibility. She has a great passion for helping people in any way possible. 

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