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, Jul 26, 2023


Jack is UK Mentee Liaison for SAYes.

He joined the team as a dynamic and driven individual with a remarkable journey. Growing up in the care system, he developed resilience and a strong sense of empathy. His passion for change and justice led him to engage in political campaigning, advocating for causes close to his heart.

With a desire to make a meaningful impact on society, Jack dedicated his time to volunteering and working with all things to do with looked-after children and young people, and those who have left the care system.

His hunger for learning led him to work in research positions for universities and other organisations, where he contributed to the advancement of knowledge, with a particular focus on mental health research.

Throughout these diverse experiences, Jack has consistently demonstrated a deep-rooted dedication to creating positive change. His unique background, combined with his strong work ethic and unwavering determination, makes him a catalyst for progress in his pursuit of justice and a better future for all.

Jack also spends his time as a dog walker/sitter, and is a proud member of the LGBT community.

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