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, Jun 18, 2021


Chair of the SAYes UK board, Molly Mulready is a judge and former British Foreign and Commonwealth Office lawyer. She has advised on matters of crisis response including the Salisbury chemical weapon attack, appropriate strategies on managing threats to life overseas from terrorism and kidnap, and on international sanctions in areas of the world about which there is significant concern in respect of human rights, including Afghanistan, Russia, Burundi, North Korea and Libya.

Molly has defended the British government in extremely high value litigation arising from sanctions on Iran and represented the UK at the UN, the EU, the US State Department and the White House. She writes about matters of international law, with a focus on the arms trade; about the human rights of transgender people; and about the British and Irish approaches to the removal of children from the care of their parents.  It is the experience of her dearly loved powerhouse of a mother – about whom she has written here – which motivates her work with SAYes, including mentoring of a young person in South Africa since 2020.

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