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, Aug 05, 2023


Zizipho is SA Mentee Liaison with SAYes.

She started her SAYes journey in 2013, where she is proud to have been part of the first cohort of  SAYes mentees. In 2019, she was nominated as the first Chairperson for the South African Alumni. She continues in this role, connecting and supporting current and former mentees, by meeting regularly and being available to give advice.

As a result of work with one of her mentors, she was able to study full-time at Magnet Theatre. She graduated 2016 and started performing professionally, both locally and internationally. She blended her passions for performing and joined UNIMA SA and ASSITEJ SA organisations. Here, she facilitates theatre classes and presents lectures, performed through the use of puppets and movement to tell stories. She especially enjoys working with young people where she shares her journey and experience.

Zizipho continued her higher education in 2021-2022, where she studied Educare at North-link College, Cape Town. Here she trained to educate young children, as well as learning how to run a successful Educare Centre.

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