SAYes is launching
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in the UK in 2021

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SAYes remains committed to mentoring under-served young people during Covid-19. We have transitioned to remote mentoring to support our beneficiaries and we are connecting with NGO partners to provide them with additional necessary resources. Mentor and mentee training and weekly mentoring sessions are taking place via video phone. We remain committed to our objectives: improvements in the independence and well-being of our beneficiaries.

We are now accepting mentor applications from anywhere in the world, and we are supporting beneficiaries throughout South Africa and the UK.

If you are interested in mentoring you can request an application using the tab on the right, and for further details of our programme please visit our Facebook and Twitter Pages.

We are incredibly grateful to our donors for supporting us during this time, and to the Nike Foundation and the King Baudouin Foundation for Covid-19 Response Funds.
SAYes´ COVID-19 Response
SAYes is aligned
with the following
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SAYes is a non-profit focused on mentoring
young people toward a better future. We run a
professional programme, that turns your time
volunteering, into an invaluable mentorship,
for someone who really needs it.

Slide We have 15 mentee slots available for care leavers in 2021. If you are 18-29 years of age and feel you can benefit from our programme, please request a link to an application from MENTORSHIP

"I used to just live my life any way - but my mentor made me realise I need to think ahead." Bongani


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IN 2019

Provide one-to-one mentorship for one hour a week (February to October). MEET DESTINO Thanks to working with his mentor Tony, Destino has completed his degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics. Destino works in programme recruitment at SAYes and is also leading a social change initiative, having started his own non-profit supporting refugees from the DRC. LEARN MORE ABOUT TRANSITION MENTORING YOUR OPPORTUNITY Provide one-to-one drop-in sessions (anytime through the year) MEET SANDRINE Thanks to a drop-in with chef Evan Coosner at Silwood School of Cookery, Sandrine was able to experience the passion and discipline required to become an accomplished chef. Sandrine is now studying catering on a full scholarship. LEARN MORE ABOUT DROP-IN SESSIONS YOUR OPPORTUNITY Provide work experience (job-shadowing, internships) and support (products, services) through your business. MEET PATRICK Thanks to internships with Live Magazine and Media Film Service, Patrick has made great progress in his career and he is now working as a photographer in Cape Town. LEARN MORE ABOUT BECOMING A BUSINESS PARTNER YOUR OPPORTUNITY Provide programmes (workshops, training, camps) through your non-profit. MEET CARLY Thanks to a photography workshops with our partner “iwasshot in Cape Town”, Carly has learnt photography and entrepreneurship. She is now eagerly awaiting royalties from her first run of image sales at the V&A Waterfront. LEARN MORE ABOUT BECOMING A NON-PROFIT PARTNER YOUR OPPORTUNITY Help us raise funds (benefits, events, sponsorships) to match new mentors and mentees. MEET RUBY Thanks to a fundraising evening with Ruby Wax at Theatre on the Bay (Sane New World Tour), SAYes was able to support 6 new mentor-mentee matches in our 2015 programmes. LEARN MORE ABOUT BECOMING A FUNDRAISER/DONOR YOUR OPPORTUNITY


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South Africa can't afford not to inspire new leaders of social change. We train and support mentors to improve the impact of programmes for vulnerable young people - tractably, sustainably and at scale. LEARN MORE

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